Wyoming Marijuana Business

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What is the Demand for Marijuana in Wyoming?

Cannabis is not legal in Wyoming. However, with neighboring states such as Montana and Colorado having legalized the drug, Wyoming residents are changing opinions regarding marijuana, according to a survey by the WYAC (Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center) at the University of Wyoming.

According to a survey organized by the University of Wyoming in 2020, the majority of Wyoming residents are in support of legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. The survey revealed that an overwhelming 85% of Wyomingites support the legalization of medical marijuana. Furthermore, more than half of the residents, precisely 54%, expressed their support for legalizing cannabis for recreational use. This figure demonstrates a consistent upward trend in public opinion since 2014. The percentage of support has progressively increased over the years, rising from 37% in 2014 to 41% in 2016 and reaching 49% in 2018.

How is Marijuana Taxed in Wyoming?

Wyoming currently maintains strict regulations regarding cannabis, prohibiting both its medical and recreational use within the state. The sale of cannabis is prohibited; hence, the state cannot place a tax on the drug.

What is the Agency Taxing Marijuana Business in Wyoming?

Wyoming does not tax marijuana, and the sale of the drug is prohibited in all its jurisdictions.

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